Wednesday, December 7, 2016

World war 2B is it? me see as this Man fights kangaroo in Australia to save his pet dog

The Australian Outback can be a dangerous place indeed. 
A man and his friend had been driving in the Australian Outback, with his dog, Max, running alongside the car in the bush next to them.
Disaster struck when the dog got in the way of a giant kangaroo, which put him in a headlock.
The size of the marsupial didn’t deter the man from leaping from his car to attempt to save his best friend.for how everything ends..please

After the dog escaped its clutches, the two squared off 
A few moments go by.
Then the man decides his course of action. He punches the kangaroo
The. Kangaroo.
Not only can kangaroos push two metres tall and weigh 200 pounds, but their fighting style consists of powerful kicks and punches. 
This was a bold move.
The Kangaroo stands for a while before retreating as the man walks away.

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