Saturday, September 26, 2015

Campaigners who want all meat BANNED cover themselves in fake gore and sprawl across Paris square

Bloody protest against the 'animal holocaust': Campaigners who want all meat BANNED cover
...Bloody protest against the 'animal holocaust...
The demonstration was organised by the 269 Life campaign group who staged an 'open-air slaughterhouse' as part of the World Day for the Abolition of Meat, which has taken place in major cities around the world every year since 2009. Hundreds of demonstrators covered in red paint sprawled themselves across the Place du Palais Royal (right) to call for a legal ban on the production and consumption of meat. Disturbing images showed one man suspended from his feet (left) as two pretend-butchers stood next to him. The 269 Life group who staged the demonstration refer to the slaughter of animals as a 'holocaust' and claim 'veganism is is an essential step that any responsible and sensible person must take'.

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