Saturday, September 26, 2015

Katie,a splendid Damsel With Inner Beauty that reflects on the outside!.

There is a young beautiful woman who always keeps her head up high,
Her eyes sparkle like a bright star in the sky.
She has the stamina, a splendid dimple with beauty, and courage that one would admire,
Even the love and happiness one inspires.
She is a woman that one can always count on,
And a woman that sees no wrong.
Her beauty shines from the inside out,
It flows like a journey down a long route.
Her smile shines beautifully like the sun rising over the horizon,
And her intelligence, wisdom, and hard work are not surprising.
She is a genuinely caring woman who goes the extra mile to help one in need or broken hearted

And throughout all of her hard work, no one ever sees her fall apart.
Your beauty is more than words can describe Katie;
Your beauty goes beyound the imagination of my mind:
Your beauty is like reaching out and touching the moon;
Your beauty is overpowering;
Your beauty is hypnotizing;
Your beauty is more than I can bear;
Your beauty  and love is everywhere in my heart;

You are a beautiful Lady Katie;
you're  a young Woman With Inner Beauty that reflects on the outside!...
you're  always optimistic... endures  to the end in your live stream with me!.... she always forgives... She is never selfish!... A charity she always gives... A revenge she never takes. A promise she never breaks!... Never thinks of her own sake. Always apologizes for mistake...
with an open mindedness she confessed "My weakness is that I care too much"
that angel from Verona, Pennsylvania!


Prince Jasper N.E. said...

My angel,worlds most splendid!!

Anonymous said...

aww she's so cute

harry rockfellaz said...

is she a model?

Anonymous said...

you need to delete this right now, she wants it down