Saturday, September 26, 2015

perfect transactions as Russia and Estonia 'exchange spies'

The swap taking place on a bridge separating the two countries
Russia and Estonia have exchanged two convicted spies over a bridge separating the countries.
Estonian security official Eston Kohver was sentenced to 15 years in a Russian jail last month.
He was swapped for Aleksei Dressen, who was imprisoned in Estonia in 2012 on charges of spying for Moscow
Kohver's case provoked a diplomatic row, with Estonia and the EU insisting he was abducted from Estonian soil, a charge Russia denied.
Dressen was a former officer in Estonia's security police, who was found guilty of passing secret data to Russia for years after Estonia's independence in 1991.Eston Kohver (L) after his release on 26 September 2015 and Aleksei Dressen in court on 3 July 2012
He had been arrested in 2012 along with his wife, Victoria Dressen, who was given a suspended sentence.
According to the Russian Federal Security Service, the swap took place on a bridge over the Piusa River that separates Russia's western Pskov region and Estonia's Polva county.The Estonian agent said he was glad to be back home and thanked "all the authorities who helped him get back to Estonia
Relations between Russia and its Baltic neighbours have been uneasy since they joined Nato and the European Union in 2004.The exchange came after "long-term negotiations"

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