Sunday, September 6, 2015

fed up with £500-a-month rent,BUILT his own tiny house on campus

Michigan student fed up with $800-a-month rent on campus BUILT his own tiny house
Honestly this guy has done the right thing,if not for everything,but atleast for "cutting his coat according to his size" which make him a masterpiece to watch today,not just because he's a student but because he's a wise  and creative student,to some he's a guy to mock and laugh at but to me,he's a prudent student to learn from today; and that's why he is a news maker today,i hope we all learn something from his story...according to report, icon360 learnt that,Christopher Cerk (pictured), a 21-year-old junior at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, said that living right next to his institution didn't suit him - and was a waste of money to boot. 
So instead of dropping an estimated $19,000 renting for his last two years, he poured $13,000 of his own money into raw materials for his own tiny house (exterior top right, interior right).

Living large: Cerk is pictured here enjoying the interior of his home. The cost of his raw materials will be paid off after around 18 months in the home, compared to regular University of Michigan rent, he said
 The home, which took him more than a year to build in his spare time, has a compost toilet and solar panels for electricity. He estimates the power supply will be enough to keep his cell phone and laptop running, as well as to power an electric stove. Having made a proper arrangement about future,Cerk said he will start having his relationship  getting to the next level with the queen of his heart, and have her over to stay soon.
do you think he's done the right thing here?....lets have your view on this

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