Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hello guys,did you watch that awesome show by Anderson? you missed it,here's the complete version for your viewing

And who said Anderson cannot perform..what about Jeff's spectacular replication of MJ's song?....... I hope you guys just watched the upgraded version of Anderson.... His two songs where just on point vocal power house..thumbs up to kumi tho... never knew she was that Good.. the 21 years old Anderson really proved himself today as he performed 2face's song moments ago...join me shortly after the cut for more

on the contrary,Putting all contestant in probation every week have really drop the quality of d show,coz if good singers can be evicted (eg Covenant university student Chike),then whom do MTN what to produce to West Africa(Dende or who) ....?
Abeg keep texting 2to 306...cos these guys are hot!!!!

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