Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Here's one celeb who doesn't care what your opinion is about her (photo)

No shame: Amber Rose starred in a Funny Or Die video released on Tuesday, titled Walk Of No Shame
Amber Rose has never been a woman who felt shame about her own sexuality, and now she has the video to prove it.
The 31-year-old model strutted her stuff to hilarious effect in a new Funny Or Die video titled Walk Of No Shame.
Turning the post-one night stand 'walk of shame' on her hand, Amber cheerfully admitted to having sex the night before while strolling through an incredibly supportive part of town.
In the video, Amber's distinctively shaved hairstyle was offset by large hoop earrings and full makeup,see photos after the jump

Cheeky response: Ever the flirt, Amber noted that she would 'always celebrate my body... sometimes twice a day'

Official support: For her confidence and ability to celebrate her body, Amber received the key to the city from the mayor

No harassment: Even a construction worker kept things complimentary, only noting that sex was a lot of fun
Clearly dressed for an evening out instead of a morning walk, Amber showed off plenty of skin and tattoos in a tightly fitting, black camisole dress.
She was barefoot throughout the video, carrying a pair of strappy pink heels in one hand.
.....i bet you,she doesn't care what you think

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