Wednesday, September 16, 2015

'human rights activist' visitor who was supposed to be checking on his jail conditions caught having s*x with mafia Boss in the prison!!!

Russian Mafia boss secretly filmed having sex in prison with 'human rights activist'
The crime lord and blonde woman were captured in the act as she visited the unidentified criminal to check he was being treated well in prison in Sverdlovsk Oblast, central Russia. Suspicious prison bosses set up the secret camera after becoming suspicious when visits were taking longer than they should have. The footage shows the woman entering the cell and quickly stripping off to have sex with the unidentified criminal at the prison in Sverdlovsk Oblast in central Russia.
The rendezvous, believed to have taken place in April, sparked outrage after it was leaked to the local media. 
according to report, source said,It is reported she had been a regular visitor to the jail until this video emerged the question is,is this Human "rights" or human "wrongs".That is the question.

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