Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ico360's special birthday celebrants of the year in Covenant University(photos)

Hey there!... hi, and welcome to my blog,as our custom is in icon360  blog,we always celebrate with  those of our beloved friends and family members etc who are  in one way or another celebrating something special in their lives as such,the team has put together few of such who marked their  between the month of July and September just to extend our love to them
,such as;ESTIE-chem.,Ay-chem.,KEN-chem.,JESSIE-pet.,and HAPPYNESS whose birthday comes up few days from now.
for the the past celebtants and the ones to come icon360 is saying-Congratulations! Its really a banner day for you guys! we know that,birthday comes once in a year, but our friendship is very special in every day of my life; And Today, on your B’day, ico360 want you to enjoy the happiest birthday of your life, 

       ken                                                                                                                                  adele
so you can count on us to make this day a happy and memorable one of you life.

            estie                                 ay                       jessie
once again,happy birthday,long live,prosperity and great success

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