Friday, September 11, 2015

you can now remarry after divorce-Catholics senior cardinals say!...

Divorced Roman Catholics should be able to remarry - but only if they abstain from having sex, a prominent group of cardinals said yesterday.
The ‘no sex’ rule would ensure that divorcees who get married again are properly contrite before they are allowed back into the fold of the Church, they said.
According to dailymail,The proposal was put forward by a group of 11 senior Catholic leaders in a backlash against Pope Francis’ attempt to give divorcees a fast-track route to forgiveness by the Church
It is likely to add to the confusion and pain felt by many divorced Catholics, who are excommunicated if they remarry without first having their original marriage annulled by the Church.
Pope Francis’ reforms, announced this week, are designed to make it simpler, cheaper and much quicker to get a marriage annulment.
But conservative Catholics believe that easing the way to annulments will undermine the teaching that marriage is for life and encourage more divorce.

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