Thursday, November 26, 2015

Revealed! Extraordinary underground network built by the ISIS jihadis - complete with sleeping quarters and electricity supplies - is discovered underneath a liberated Iraqi town

Network of tunnels built by ISIS discovered under Iraqi town
Around 40 underground routes were found in Sinjar, complete with sleeping quarters, electricity, sandbags, American-made bomb making tools, medicine and copies of the Quran. The tunnels were uncovered by Kurdish forces who liberated the town in North-west Iraq this month, after more than a year of Islamic State rule. Shamo Eado, a Sinjar commander from the Iraqi Kurdish fighters known as Peshmerga, said: 'We found between 30 and 40 tunnels inside Sinjar. It was like a network inside the city. 'Daesh dug these trenches in order to hide from air strikes and have free movement underground as well as to store weapons and explosives. This was their military arsenal.'(mailonline)

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