Friday, November 6, 2015

Shocking execution video uploaded by killers in Brazil

Israel Fidelis de Holanda begs for his life before killers shoot him dead on film
WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The horrific incident took place in the crime-ridden area of Mondubim in Fortaleza, Brazil. The victim has been named as Israel Fidelis de Holanda, who was 25 years old. The footage, which the killers posted online, shows a handcuffed De Holanda on his knees, crying and begging for his life,this Terrified victim weeps and begs for his life before cold-blooded killers film themselves shooting him dead in Brazil,A translation of the video revealed that one of the killers can be heard saying: 'Lay down.'
One of the other two men present kicked him on the shoulder. De Holanda then turned around clearly realising what was about to happen.He was shot three times in the body and the fourth time in the head. 
While one of them was shooting, the person filming tells him he was making a mistake in wasting bullets, saying: 'No, in the head! In the head!' see video below

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