Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wow! checkout this Picture showing the inside of Her Majesty's private sitting room at Windsor Castle that gives rare glimpse of her personal world

Picture of Queen's sitting room gives rare glimpse into her world
Here's a photograph showing the inside of the Queen's private sitting room at Windsor Castle showing a rare glimpse into the monarch's life - and shows she enjoys many familiar creature comforts. Placed on a table next to her is a distinctive clunky Sky remote control, next to a rather older version used to operate her actual television. The photograph was taken on Friday during an official visit by the New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, who was in the country to watch his national team play in the Rugby World Cup Final.
.....more grace to her RH!
....if you want to live a royal life like this all through,then jump up and start claming your blessings by posting your wish comments below!

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