Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Here's What 500 calories REALLY looks like...check it out!

What 500 calories of food REALLY looks like in 10 indulgent dishes
Reduced calorie meals often come under fire for being insipid and tasteless. But if you are a keen cook who is willing to experiment with ingredients, there are various healthy and filling options out there which contain less than 500 calories. Here FEMAIL shares six of our favourite supper recipes including (clockwise from top left): Prawn noodles which contain 490 cals; nasi goreng which has just 410 calories; the 191-calorie ceviche; chicken, shiitake and broccoli in coconut broth which has 494 calories; couscous which has 434 calories; and 411 calories in sesame-lemon chicken.
....read,learn and become!

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