Tuesday, December 22, 2015

shoppers get stuck in SIX HOUR queue to get out of Bluewater Shopping Centre after last-minute rush sparked chaos in UK

Bluewater Christmas shoppers endure a SIX HOUR wait to get out of the shopping centre

Police had to be called to the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent after a surge in Christmas shoppers brought 240 acres of car parking space to a complete standstill (pictured) yesterday - leaving drivers in tears. A massive influx of last-minute gift buyers caused the roads in and out of the huge mall to bottleneck, locking hundreds of families in their cars for hours on end. Scores gave up and abandoned their vehicles in favour of returning back inside the centre to eat or watch films in the hope the sea of traffic eventually diluted. However, witnesses claim that
caused even more grief for those stuck behind them - leading to angry exchanges between fed-up motorists. The chaos started at around 4pm and continued well into the evening, with some reporting being stranded for six hours (inset, bottom) and trying several times to escape home (inset, top).meanwhile report also has it that Thousands of Christmas shoppers are evacuated from London's Regent Street in security alert over 'suspicious vehicle' near Hamleys toy store

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