Monday, December 21, 2015

Man randomly attacked in front of his wife and children by an 'ice addict' in Melbourne Australia

The attack - which left him with two broken cheekbones, a broken nose, a busted lip that required surgery and damaged eyesight - was said to come from a neighbour high on the drug ice
A father who was beaten to a bloody pulp on his front doorstep by an alleged ice addict in a random early-morning attack is battling to keep his eyesight.
Grant O'Neill, 45, from Craigieburn in north Melbourne, rushed downstairs when he heard shouting and banging on his front door. 
Opening the door to stop the noises from waking his children, he says he was savagely attacked by a neighbour high on the drug ice.
'He tried to rip my eye out and just kept kicking me,' he told 7 News.
According to eyewitness,Mr O'Neill was repeatedly struck and stomped on until he eventually blacked out in front of his horrified wife
'I was just worried about my family, I tried to stay awake so he didn't hurt them,' he said through tears.
'There was just blood, you couldn't see his face...I thought one, two more blows and he would've been gone,' his wife Lisa said
The vicious assault left Mr O'Neill with two broken cheekbones, a broken nose, and a busted lip that required plastic surgery.Surgeons are now attempting to salvage his eyesight as the other injuries heal.
The couple say they know who the alleged attacker was, but believe police let him free after interviewing him. 
Victoria Police said an investigation was undergoing(mailonline)

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