Monday, December 21, 2015

why on earth should you lie about sickness?!... Girl who faked terminal cancer is jailed for two years after Her lies were exposed!!

Scheming student who faked terminal cancer as part of a web of lies that led to her
Elisa Bianco, 22, (right in a hospital wheelchair) conned Sally Retallack, 49, (left) into believing she was about to die and moved in, causing an irreparable rift with her husband Ralph (inset). The student faked a terminal kidney tumour and the trusting mother-of-four helped her fulfil her 'bucket list', which included a 'goodbye' birthday party (pictured together centre). Bianco would be dropped off at hospital by her tutor every day but would just sit in a cafe and dress herself in bandages. Her lies were exposed when Mrs Retallack, who gave up work to nurse her through her final days, came to surprise her at the Royal Cornwall Hospital but nobody on the renal ward had heard of her. Mrs Retallack sobbed as she told Truro Crown Court her life had been ruined and she has moved to France to start again. Jailing Bianco for two years eight months after she admitted stalking and other offences judge Christopher Harvey Clark QC said: 'You heartlessly manipulated Mrs Retallack's deepest emotions. No sentence will compensate her.' you think she alright by faking such thing as terminal disease about self?...pls say something!

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