Saturday, April 16, 2016

anyhow gist! you think Kate is the only one wearing shoe for over a decade,here's another person that has been wearing this one shoe long before you were born....look!

Vogue editor Anna Wintour has been wearing same Manolo Blahnik designed pumps for 22 years

The fashionable editor-in-chief rarely mixes up her footwear, and can be seen in nearly identical shoes in scores of photos from the past two decades. Designer Manolo Blahnik took a mold of her foot to get the perfect fit and custom-makes her heels. She favors a nude, low-heeled slingback sandal with only slight variations, such as thicker straps. The 66-year-old boss orders several new pairs each season and wears them to fashion shows, red carpets, and the Met Gala. The designer said Anna is impeccably dressed at all times and called her a 'divine woman'.. the question is,should we forcefully auction her shoes or leave her alone?...

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