Tuesday, December 6, 2016

SHILOH 2016 is here! The opening session starts 7:00PM (GMT+1),DON'T MISS OUT!!!

Its Been rough 4 me dis year, I still believe God will give me my quantum leap testimony b4 shiloh ENDS . Amen?....Abi how you see-am,should your case remain thesame?!...working like elephant eat like ant?
do you want to keep on travelling in a cycle forever?,or does it make you happy doing boy,boy,house boy,house girl all the way? or are you still interested in moving from pole to post looking for someone to hire you instead of becoming company owner of your own? or you feel you still want to remain a tenant
,droppedout,umarried,live in abject poverty till thy kingdom come?
Image resultImagine being on the field as a Soldier, at the shout of "About Turn", the last becomes the first. The prophesies have gone forth, God is too faithful to fail. If He said it and you believe it, that settles it. It's not over Friend, God will turn all your shame to fame, tears to cheers and it will all end in PRAISE as you make it a time with God today in Canaanland Nigeria todayffor those who may not be able to tobe on ground all you need is click here for,LIVE! transmissn using laptop,phones etc

....well the ball is in your court,but as for me ooo,my case must be different as i make it a project to be at Shiloh 2016 to hear from Bishop Oyedepo!

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