Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Abeg make una help me see the car that costs as much as TWO Range Rovers!!!!

Bentley reveals its Bentayga 4x4 that will hit 187mph
British luxury car giant Bentley has unleashed its first ever 4X4 and pledged that the £160,000 Bentayga will be 'the most powerful, luxurious, and exclusive sports utility vehicle in the world'. Bentley hopes the new Bentayga will prove one of its biggest sellers by capitalising on the boom in luxury 4X4s among the world's super-rich.
Going by specification,we're told The ultimate ‘Chelsea Tractor’ will give added supercar cachet to school run mums, as well as drivers heading off-road up mountain terrain see photos after the cut

Big seller: Bentley hopes its new 4x4 will further boost sales after it delivered a record number of cars in 2014

Top of the pile: The Bentley Bentayga takes aim at the pinnacle of the 4x4 market and costs as much as two Range Rovers

Day out: For  outdoor social events there’s a hands-free tailgate and optional folding event seat.
the British-built 4X4 supercar were issued by Bentley just days before it formally launches the Bentayga at next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show.
...but the question is,is this the ultimate 4x4???...Nice but looks like an Audi!!!..

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