Wednesday, September 9, 2015

LMAO!..See how safari guides risked their lives to save young elephant stuck in the mud (PHOTOS)

Zimbabwean safari guides pictured trying to save young elephant stuck in the mud
A young elephant spent up to four days stuck up to his neck in mud (pictured top right), using his little trunk as a snorkel, as safari guides and tourists in Zimbabwe battled to free him. Len Taylor, a guide at Gache Gache Lodge only a few minutes from where the elephant was stranded, climbed into the mud with the elephant and spent six hours battling to free him (main and bottom right). Despite finally dragging him to dry land, days under the fierce African sun without water or food proved too much and the elephant had to be put down.
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Creative: Len tried to get the rope under the elephant's belly using long sticks while the terrified animal tried to hit the men with its trunk

Progress: Once the rope was tied around the elephant's neck without strangling him, the men tried to pull the young bull out of the mud

Struggle: The elephant had spent up to four days with without water in the hot sun and slowly exhausting itself trying to get out
....what a diligent staff to go!

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