Thursday, December 24, 2015

Abeg help me see this scenario,is there any connection between these two incidences?

if there's any story that has touched the four corners of this world in 2015,its about Steve and the Miss universe 2015,such that more bizare talks have continued to float all over the internet,one of such is this very one at hand...
While the whole world including host Steve Harvey crumbled during Sunday
night’s Miss Universe debacle, Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach remained
cool, calm and collected.
And after the initial confusion, she was announced the new queen, ending
a 42-year Miss Universe drought for the Philippines, some how boxer
Manny Pacquiao felt is the perfect revenge for his loss in his fight
with Floyd Mayweather earlier this year.....but how?!...
sha,Speaking to, Pacquiao said

 “Courage is grace under pressure. This is what Pia showed in the middle
of the confusion and controversy that marked her coronation as the new
Miss Universe. Remember, when I lost to Floyd last May, she made a
promise to all of us Filipinos that she will avenge that defeat come the
Miss Universe pageant, which she just has fulfilled. I intend to use
[that] as an inspiration and additional motivation for me in my next
fight.” Pacquiao said.
agreed with his quote about courage,but are you also of the opinion that,Miss colombia's loss is truly a payback to Pacquiao loss to Floyd Mayweather?..please say something...

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