Thursday, December 24, 2015

This is really Jobless woman's joy is truncated when she thinks she's won £50,000 but realized it is a FAKE...a PRANK!!!!

Video shows jobless mother's joy when she thinks she's won £50,000
As you all know, this  is Christmas season,a period when any little amount of money counts every moment,to some that's a normal thing but not with  this woman,according to what we heard, this woman's joy was seriously truncated when what she taught was a blessing tuned out to be cloud of deception
Jobless mother's joy  turned out to be a pool of sorrows when she thinks she's won £50,000 on a scratchcard but realized it is a FAKE after opening the card....fUNNY ENOUGH,its a prank by her Son!......
Luke Thackham (pictured top right with his mother), 27, secretly filmed his mother Annette frantically trying to phone a friend (left) to share news of her big 'win'. But
the 57-year-old's joy soon turned to anger after her son confessed that it had been a prank. Ms Thackham, from Peterborough, failed to see the funny side and flew into a fit of rage(middle) - and says she has still not forgiven him. Mr Thackham decided to play the prank on Tuesday evening when he visited his mother with his son, seven-year-old Ethan. He gave his mother one of four scratch cards he had bought off eBay (bottom right). She said: 'I'm furious because he's humiliated me. I'm not talking to him. Maybe my luck is in and I should go and get a proper scratchcard.'....
....we feel for her tho but hey,do you think she's gone too far in her reaction to this...if you're in her shoes what would your reactions be especially in a Christmas season like this?

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