Thursday, December 24, 2015

our $1million question is,Is Rihanna Dropping ANTI Down Our Chimneys On Christmas Day!? See The Evidence Here!

We've been VERY patiently waiting for Rihanna's ANTI to make its debut!
And it looks like being good might pay off — because the songstress might be dropping her new album on Christmas day!
According to Australia's The Today Show shared (then deleted) an inneresting message on Twitter, saying RiRi would be dropping ANTI "tomorrow"
incase you've forgotten all those teaching in Geography at hight schoo,i have good news for you.... it's already December 24 in Australia, because time zones and what have you. Which would make their "tomorrow" Christmas day. understood?
While a surprise album would be something of a Christmas miracle, it would also be the perfect time for the album to drop coz Rihanna's tour with Travis Scott starts next year, and fans should probably know a song or two before it kicks off! Abi?...see the evidence after the jump

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On the other hand, RiRi could just be in cahoots with Santa to make sure fans are on their best behavior, so make sure not be naughty until after Christmas!
We'll see if Rihanna leaves some ANTI in our stockings on Christmas morning — until then, check out her latest teaser for Anti diaRy  HERE..

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