Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mally Mall & Nikki Mudarris sex tape's said to have leaked-- And She Didn't Even Know It Existed!

Well, that sucks!
Can't trust anyone not even a man you were Sleepin with. People are so malicious to harm you & fuck up your brand in anyway. Smh. God got U
A sex tape was leaked on the internet of Love & Hip Hop cast members Nikki Mudarris and Mally Mall getting down and dirty.
The filthy flick features a raunchy romp between the two VH1 stars, but Nikki is not happy AT ALL that her steamiest scenes are online for the whole world to see.
On Wednesday, the bodacious beauty took to Twitter to rant about how badly she was betrayed

 She even blamed the producer for the leak, saying he intentionally released the video of their intimate moment:
 the most upsetting part about this shady situation is that the USC grad claims she didn't even know the fling was filmed, let alone in danger of being unleashed on the web, writing:

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