Thursday, October 1, 2015

Is it true that Russian linked hackers pry into Hillary Clinton's mails?

Reports says,Russian-linked hackers tried at least five times to get access to Hillary Clinton's private email account that she used while Secretary of State.
Clinton was sent five emails from hackers containing a virus disguised as a parking ticket from a town in New York state, where she lives.
The bad thing about this whole thing is,If opened, the attachments would have downloaded a virus on to her computer allowing someone to take control of it and potentially steal sensitive data...and you know what that means!digging deeper on the issue,The Researchers who analyzed the malicious software in September 2011 said
that infected computers would transmit information from victims to at least three servers overseas, including one in Russia.
However, that does not necessarily mean that Russian hackers, or government officials, were behind the stunt.
This type of hacking attempt, known as phishing, is one of the least sophisticated ways to get access to someone's PC, and so is unlikely to have come from the Kremlin.

According to researchers, the parking ticket email had also misspelled the name of the town in New York where it purported to be from, making state involvement even more unlikely.
There is also no indication that Clinton opened the messages, or that they even reached her inbox.
Security experts said that the poor wording of the emails, along with a suspicious file attached, would likely mean it was picked up by a spam checker. 

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