Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fashion world:Things you should stop wearing right now!!!

There are few absolutes when it comes to style. After all, who would have predicted a rebirth of the double-breasted blazer or our recent obsession with bow ties? Fortunately, for guys who like to live life with at least a few hard-and-fast rules, there are some things that weren’t even good when they had their moment. In which case, if you’re still wearing them because you’re clinging to the past, or trying to be cool or, well, waiting for them to make a comeback, we beg you: Stop wearing them. Right now.see details after the cut

Three-Button Suits

They used to be the standard silhouette, but these days, suits should come with just two buttons. The lower stance (the distance between the top button and your waist) is timeless and flattering for all -- especially for you guys on the short side
Pleated Pants
An army of folds was once preferred for practical reasons. A little extra room, after all, is a surefire way to safeguard against busting at the seams. But the cleaner look of pleat-free pants has since become the benchmark of dapper dressing. And it isn’t going away anytime soon.
The “manly” version of the middle-hemline pant for middle-aged women in Middle America is oddly popular among Eastern European tourists in Times Square. So in the off chance you’ve picked up this unbecoming habit, drop it in favor of an infinitely cooler pair of shorts.
When it comes to swimwear, diving down below the knee is kids' stuff. No matter your age, no matter your size, you can benefit from showing off a little more skin. A good rule of thumb: Anywhere from mid-thigh to a couple of inches above the knee is fair game.
Square-Toed Dress Shoes

Square-toed shoes make you look like, well, a square. And though it’s ironic (since most guys who wear them think they’re doing “the cool thing”) and defies logic (since feet are roughly the shape of squares), we’ve since said goodbye to the trends of the early '90s for more timeless, streamlined styles.
Slide Sandals

Grandpa’s go-to footwear for hoofing it around the retirement home is hardly a suitable option for summer kicks. When the heat is on, we’re partial to a driving moc, boat shoe and this season’s revival of the traditional Spanish espadrille.
Faux Hawks

The early 2000s brought Beckham’s fashion-forward coif to the masses. But what was once different and daring is now being sported by the likes of Justin Bieber. Need we say more? Indeed, it’s time to move on, or, rather, look back to classic buzz cuts and side parts.
Wraparound Sunglasses

Aerodynamic sunglasses are better left to Olympic athletes and the cast of The Matrix. Everyone else should shop for an aviator or wayfarer (or variation thereof) in a shape that complements rather than copies the natural contours of the face. And before you go grab a pair in basic black, consider that brown is a far more forgiving color.

Sure, in a few years' time, these absolutes may seem absolutely absurd. But for now, the only thing that’s absurd is believing that you still look good in a wraparound-sunglass-adorned faux hawk.

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