Saturday, May 23, 2015

Check Out The Rapper, Whiz Khalifa's Surprising Answer on his son getting tattoo HERE !

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When it comes to tattoos, Wiz Khalifa is no novice.What do you think?
In a recent interview, the rapper revealed whether or not he'd be cool with his two-year-old son, Sebastian, getting some ink when he's older.What do you think?..see the rest of it after the cut

Khalifa explained:What do you think?
"I look at him and how handsome he is, and I would just die if he got tattoos like me. Please do not — just listen to me — do not touch your skin!"What do you think?
Ha, how ironic! We're not surprised, though — opinions definitely change when you're a parent!What do you think?
So, what do YOU think of the rapper's confession?What do you think?

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