Saturday, May 23, 2015

Exclusive from Covenant University : Finally Finally TTG-2015 edition is over!!!!

The end  has finally come for all CU graduating students as the annual/or end of section crowning up program for all final students in Covenant university called TTG came to an end yesterday Friday 22nd of May 2015,and we are happy to see these students graduating successfully,see details after the cut..

the program which was pioneered by the Chancellor Dr David Oyedepo to thoroughly prepare the student ahead of the awaiting challenges in the society, ended well, such that they're  leaving school today to prepare for the final convocation program which come up in the month of June 2015.

TTG stands for "Toward a total Graduate" for  all final year students of Covenant University,though experience shows that its one of the most stressful program on the parts of the students but then,the benefit in later life shows that it actually worth it,

so far,all the participants are graduating successfully come next month.
.....congrats to all the graduating set!

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