Saturday, May 23, 2015

Strange! Girlfriend of Australia's 'Candyman' tycoon who led her around on a leash with his WIFE, storms out of party mansion after worldwide furors!!!!

'I realised he was a manipulative, chauvinistic, narcissistic person': The Candyman's
The blonde girlfriend of the party-loving Candyman, who was pictured being led on all fours around his lavish property (right), accompanied by his wife, has left the Playboy mansion, branding the millionaire ladies' man 'chauvinistic'. Kirsty Engelmann (left, centre and inset with Candyman Travers Beynon and his wife Taesha) decided to quit the opulent $3.7 million Gold Coast mansion, claiming his behaviour changed when he got national notoriety in recent weeks.according to her.. 'People think it's about money which it wasn't because I didn't receive anything nor did I ever expect anything whatsoever,' she posted on social media.
...well,that's how we see it,..but what would your reaction be if you were the one?...

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