Saturday, May 23, 2015

Have you ever been in a newspaper?

Hello peeps how are you doing?..long time no see! fact i don't know where to start from but then i just have to start anyway,well looking at how long you've been starved over the long time disappearance of posts on this blog,we'e decided to make a come back and to make it a more interestingly interactive blog whereby you and the crew would both have a collective jollification via our posts; as such we want to ask and want your respond to this  and many other fantastic posts to come;so the fist for this moment is...have you been on the news paper before? if yes can we have a clip of how it went including the name of the news paper...for your free birthday,marriage,graduation,small biz posts,kindly forward your info to: and we will for the next 3 months display to all our numerous viewer in over 150 countries worldwide

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